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These Welsh Puppies Are Herding A Toy Pig! SO CUTE!

These Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies are just the cutest thing EVER! This video captures these 6 week old puppies who were given a toy pig to play with, the battery powered toy pig moved and made sound so for these pups this was as close as the real thing gets! So, they started showing herding behavior! The video below is just too cute to handle!

Well, aren’t they adorable? Welsh Corgi’s are known as one of the world’s oldest herding breeds. Seems their herding instincts kicked in as soon as they saw that toy pig! But I’m still unsure if they were just playing with the toy, cause they seemed to drag the toy pig around by its tails… and that is certainly not a herding behavior! But they are the cutest puppies EVER, that’s for sure!

What do you think? Were they really herding the toy? Leave your comments please!

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Video Source — YouTube

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