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When The Boy Started Playing The Piano, The Dog Did Something SO CUTE!

D4 You Will Surely Be Baffled To See This Singing Dog

This is a video about a boy named Travis playing a piano… and a dog with an amazing ability to sing! Buddy – the Labrador dog has the incredible capability to stretch his howls for a very long period of time and include some melody in it. It’s really amazing how he does it. As soon as Travis starts to play the piano, the Labrador starts singing like a pro! Watch his incredible performance in the following video…..

Wow!!! Buddy is simply amazing, isn’t he? When Travis, starts to play the piano, the talented dog starts to sing following the tones of the piano. The surprising fact is that Buddy, the cute canine, tries to vary his howls as well to comply with the piano music and make his howls sound more harmonious. Buddy has developed his vocal abilities by practicing daily… because every time Travis starts his piano lessons, Buddy accompanies him with his voice… every single day!

What is your opinion after watching this cute video? Are you amazed to watch this dog singer? Let us know if you’ve seen any singing dogs, leave a comment!

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Video Courtesy: YouTube Channel of MarvyLoves

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