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When This Dog is Finally Free From Chains, Her Reaction is Golden!

“Dogs Deserve Better” is a non-profit organization dedicated to freeing dogs and giving them a new and loving home.

One day they received a call about a family of 6 dogs that were always chained up, day and night. When the rescue group arrived, they were stunned. The dogs had only ever slept in mud, never a warm bed. They did not even have clean water to drink! It is sickening that things like this continue to happen.

Fortunately, Dogs Deserve Better showed up and saved the family, a father, a mother and her 3 puppies. One of the puppies had been rescued a couple weeks earlier.

Once the dogs were brought back to the clinic, they wanted to do something EXTRA special for the adult dogs. They hadn’t been off chain in a very long time. So Dogs Deserve Better decided to take them to a dog park. The way they react when they get off leash…well you will just have to see for yourself!

You can tell the mom is freaked out by the grass, because she hasn’t felt it in so long. She inches forward, expecting to be stopped by a chain. But once she realizes she isn’t tied to anything, she takes off running!



Such a great and energetic time she has! How can you not feel so happy for this dog and her family! You just smile the whole time watching her.

1st "Freedom Run" off of the Chain

KENTUCKY RESCUE UPDATE: We thought you would like to watch as these two make their first "freedom run" un tethered in the 6 acre field. You can almost see that magical second when it "clicked" and she realized she was unchained.Thanks to YOU this moment was possible. We still need to have them all vetted, vaccines, spayed, neutered, etc. Every penny helps! This donate link is set up for their Vet care. Please donate if you can – and share. Thank you!!

Posted by Dogs Deserve Better on Monday, January 4, 2016

It’s hard to believe that animal cruelty still exists when dogs are just so great. But together we can make a difference. Share if you think dogs don’t belong on chains!

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