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23 Reasons Why Dachshunds Win The Crown Of Dog Shaming!


The recent internet meme “Dog shaming” has been spread worldwide, the internet and social media sites are flooded with people posting pictures of their dogs with signs that describe some recent naughty behavior of the dog. But no other dog breed appears in more dog shaming photos than the little Dachshunds!

This mischievous little dog breed is kinda the undisputed champion of dog shaming! Don’t believe us? Here, we have 23 reasons why Dachshunds win the crown of dog shaming… scroll down and watch the hilarious pics below…

1. Their stomachs are like black holes. Once they set their eyes on something, they’ll consume it!




2. They make bad, just plain bad, decisions over and over and over again.


3. They’re master criminals!


4. They don’t see walls or any barricades! They see challenges to be overcome!


5. They blind your beloved childhood cartoon companions…


6. …and ruin classic childhood toys any way they can. Why? BECAUSE THEY CAN.


7. They WILL upstage the bride on her wedding day, because they know they’re the prettiest.


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