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A Pack Of Dogs Spot A Miniature Horse… What They Do Next Had Me Smiling From Ear To Ear!

Have you ever seen dogs play with horses? If your answer is a no then you’re in for a treat tonight! Kim Gillet lets her seven dachshunds and the black Labrador play with the miniature horses she owns… and she calls it their evening workout! Because the dogs start to race with the horse every time they’re put together. This video had me smiling from ear to ear… you can also watch it below…

I’m so happy to see these guys race like that. Their joy and excitement can clearly be felt. The dogs are happily racing with the horse, but naturally falling behind because of the intense speed and stamina of the creature that was born to run! But that doesn’t stop them anyways! And if you’re wondering why the dogs are put on the other side of the fence then you should know it was done for the safety of these animals. They are friends no doubt, but if the dogs are running beside the horse then they might get accidentally injured from the hooves of the horse… and nobody wants that to happen, right!

Running and exercise is really important for dogs health and when it is this much fun, who wouldn’t love it! Ahh, I wish I got the chance to get my dogs to be friends with such beautiful horses! Maybe someday…

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Video Courtesy: YouTube Channel of Kim Gillet


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