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Man’s Emotional Tribute To His Dying, 17-Year Old Dog Is Beautiful


Having a dog beside you as a faithful companion is one of the best gifts that we can ever have. From the day we first meet them till the day we say goodbye, they remain our best friends. But a dogs life is so short… they cross the rainbow bridge a little too soon… and it really is a painful experience for all the dog owners.

To see your beloved pet, your friend, your companion at all the good and bad times go away like this is an experience we never want to get. Yet, this is what we have to suffer one day.

Saying goodbye is tough… it breaks our heart… but we have to. So, when Movie Director Kevin Smith found his faithful dog for 17 years, Mulder, dying due to old age, he couldn’t take it. Heartbroken Kevin shared his emotions on his Facebook page… along with a picture of him cradling the dying dog.

What he wrote afterwards moved me to tears. Scroll down below to read what he said…

Kevin Smith posted this picture of his beloved dog on his Facebook page. And wrote… (Continue to the next page)

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