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Boy With Special Needs Has His Life Changed Forever By A Dog…


Dogs are truly special… they come into our lives and sometimes change it in ways we’ve never even imagined! This video describes the bond between a boy with special needs and an autism service dog in such a way that made everyone who saw this emotional. The boy Braydon is an autistic child who used to remain lonely and dejected before he had met with the autism assistance dog Keats. They gradually become very good friends as days passed by and the life of Braydon changed forever! Watch how this all happened in the video below…..

This story of Braydon and his four-legged companion Keats is so beautiful!! The bond between the autistic child and the dog filled my heart with warmth and brought tears into my eyes. It’s so good to see the child running, playing and having fun with the dog. The dog has certainly transformed the boy’s life by removing loneliness and accompanying the boy like a true friend. And life changes when you find a true friend… a reason to move on… and someone to care for.

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Videos Courtesy: Talent Hounds Channel from YouTube

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