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What This Dachshund Does When She Hears A “BANG” Is Just TOO CUTE!


The Dachshunds are one of the cutest short-legged and long bodied dog breeds. They can be really great companions and can be trained to give their best effort to entertain us. In this video, you will find the adorable dog named Gracie showing us a few tricks fresh off her sleeves. As soon as her owner says “BANG”, Gracie does something that I couldn’t help but smile! Watch what this cute little Dachshund does in the video below……

Oh my goodness! This dog is soo cute! She jumps, crawls and even tries to dodge a bullet like a movie star as soon as she hears a “Bang”. I can’t stop laughing watching that the dog is willing to show her tricks only when the owner gives treats. Well, that’s how we need to train them, right! The more they demand treats from us, the more tricks we can teach them I guess! But this dachshund is truly a special dog… she stole my heart!

What’s your opinion after watching this lovely video? Did you find Gracie the Dachshund as cute as I did? Please let me know in the comments!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of Gracie Roche

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