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Boy With Traumatic Brain Injury Has His Life Turned Around Because Of A Dog… When I Saw How, It Moved Me To Tears!

6-year old Caleb Howard survived a fatal head-on auto collision, but at the expense of a traumatic brain injury. The impact of the head-on collision resulted in the death of millions and millions of his brain cells. Caleb was recovering slowly, with very minute progress to reach full functionality. But then, a Golden Retriever met with Caleb and turned his life around. I couldn’t hold my tears back while watching their amazing story… you can watch this beautiful video below…

Isn’t it amazing how the dog changed the life of the severely injured boy! I was so happy in the end to see Caleb healthy once again. With his severe brain injuries, recovery has been tough. But finding a soulful partner in the friendly dog, Caleb was able to muster the strength and motivation to take control of his life once again. He did not let the accident stop him… he conquered it… with the help of such wonderful dogs like Colonel the golden retriever.

These therapeutic dogs have been working in hospitals to help sick and injured children. Their presence and friendly attitude helps those kids find some solace among the difficult life at the hospital. These dogs and their owners are doing a great job I must say. Don’t you agree? Let us know if this video made you emotional as well… leave a comment below.

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Video Courtesy: YouTube

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