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He Set Up A Night Vision Camera To Capture What His Pit Bull Does To Wake Him Up… Cute!


Being a dog owner you might’ve already experienced the weird things your dogs do to wake you up in the morning. That is very affectionate and caring of them… But the only problem is, in their eyes morning starts way too early! So, when “Grey” the Pit Bull dog was waking her owner up every morning, He noticed that Grey does something really funny and adorable every day. So, he set up a night vision camera in his room to capture what the dog does. The footage that you’ll see in the video below will make you smile…

Isn’t that one adorable Pit Bull! Her human says she is just like a living and breathing alarm clock with snooze feature! First Grey tries to wake her human at 4.57 am… then at 5.15 am and finally at 5.35 am. He says about the video:

“This is our pet “The Grey Dog”, or for short we just call her Grey. She has this habit of meowing for attention in the morning so I set up a camera in night shot mode to capture the cute routine.

Please don’t worry about her needing us to let her outside…she has a dog door and full access to the backyard so this is just to get some attention or for some play time.”

I think Grey is one alarm clock I wouldn’t be annoyed by at all! After all, who could refuse such a cutie! Those of you who think Pit Bull dogs are vicious, now you know how friendly and cute they can be if they’re raised right. And they can also function as a morning alarm clock from the look of it!

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Video Source: YouTube

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