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Cat And Dog Playing On Bed… Cuteness Level 100!

D12 These Hilarious Dogs’ Funny Activities Will Give You Rib Tickling Entertainment!!!

If you think you’ve seen the cutest cat and dog interaction, think again! This video blows the roof off with its cuteness! It features “Sugar tree”, the Doberman dog, and “Pancake” the kitten. And they are playing on the bed… how they play just stole my heart! Watch the cute below…

Wow!!! The way they are playing and getting along with each other is simply amazing. Sugar Tree, the dog, does not even mind when Pancake, the cat, chews on her ears. It is one of those videos that makes my heart melt. I really loved the friendship between the cat and the adorable dog. I hope you liked the relationship between Pancake and Sugar Tree as well.

So, what is your opinion after watching this cute video? Would you adopt such a cute kitten for your dog? How do you think your dog would react? Let us know through comments…..

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of Camelsandfriends

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