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When He Starts Grooming His Dog, THIS Happens! I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes!


Some dogs shed a lot of fur all the year round, especially dogs with double coats of fur. Samoyed is such a dog breed. These dogs from Siberia look amazing with their fluffy white coat, but that comes with a lot of work. When no one believed just how much fur these dogs shed, the owner of Sam the Samoyed dog, recorded this amazing time-lapse video of him grooming and brushing his dog… the result is something I have never seen in my whole life! Watch the surprising video below…

Amazing, isn’t it? There is so much fur at the end of the video I swear I could use them to knit multiple white sweaters and still have enough fur left to put inside a pillow! In fact, there are a lot of people all over the world who use Samoyed’s fur as yarn for knitting. Naturally it takes a lot of time to groom these dogs. The owner said it takes him almost 4 hours to give a shower and dry this dog! Well, if you’re up to the commitment, then get yourself one… these dogs look simply stunning and there’s nothing better than to go out on a walk with the most beautiful dog from the block!

Did you like the video? Let us know how much your dog sheds, I’m sure not more than this dog… but do let us know with your comments!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of CarebDude

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