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Rescue Workers Rescued Hundreds Of Dogs From A Dog Hoarding Site In Arizona

We all believe that dogs are a man’s best friend. So, how bad would you feel if you find that they are living a miserable life? How painful that would be for you? Only can dog lovers understand this pain! When I watched this video I couldn’t hold back my tears… over 200 cats and […]

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He Was Injured In An Accident… What This Dog Did To Save His Life Is A Miracle.

Our beloved and loyal pet dogs stay beside us through all the good times and bad times. But it is when we are in serious trouble do we realize how faithful and loving our pet dogs can be. John Miles was taking a walk down the road with his dog Lucy – the husky-beagle mix […]

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Five Ways to Know If Your Dog Loves You… You May Be Surprised!

We love our pet dogs so much… in our eyes, they are just another member of our family. But sometimes we, too, want to know whether our dogs love us just as much; if they love us, then how much do they love us? See the following video to learn the secret formula to get […]

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First Ever Pit Bull-Dachshund Mix Is Something You’ve Never Seen Before!

After seeing the Pit bull-Dachshund mix now I can say I’ve seen it all! “Rami” the Pit bull-Dachshund mix has recently took the internet world by storm when his pictures were first published by the Humane Society of Georgia. This Mutt has been blessed with his adorable features due to having a Pit Bull mom […]

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This Courageous Pit Bull Dog Saved A Woman From Her Husband In A Fight!

Pit Bull Dogs have a perception in the general public of being vicious, mean and down right scary.  However many people don’t realize that what the public think s and what is reality just don’t match.  In this video a  Pit Bull in Ottawa County named Blitz saved a women from her estranged husband.  Blitz is […]

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Watch The AMAZING Friendship Between A Dog And A Cheetah…

Dogs are known to make some of the most unusual friendships with other species… but with a Cheetah? Wow… this is something we’re seeing for the first time! The cheetah and the dog made an exceptional friendship and this video was shot at the 1st anniversary of their friendship after they first met at Busch […]

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This Newborn Pit Bull Puppy Was Not Going To Make It… But Then This Cat Did Something Unbelievable!

This is one of the most amazing dog rescue stories we’ve ever heard. But this time, a cat saves the day! Just one day old Pit bull puppy Norland was rejected by his mother after birth; when he was brought to the Cleveland Animal Protective League, they knew they had to do something quick to […]

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3 Year Old Girl Was Lost In Wilderness… How This Dog Saved Her Life Is A Miracle!

Julia a three year old girl from north Poland was saved by firefighters after she went missing for a whole night out in the woods. She was found with her dog next morning! Rescuers identified the dog as the life savior of the little girl. How the loyal dog stayed by her side through the […]

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Dog Regularly Rides Bus To Visit Dog Park… All By Himself! This Is AMAZING!

We know we can teach our dogs complex tricks and make them do stuffs far beyond their normal capabilities. But what this dog does is something nobody even imagined in their wildest dreams! “Eclipse”, the 2 year old black Labrador mix from Seattle, Washington, regularly rides the public bus in order to get to the […]

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Adopted Dog Pays Owners Back By Saving Infant Daughter… How He Did It Is Simply AMAZING!

Dogs truly are our best friends; They stay with us through thick and thin, play with us, care for us… and most importantly when we are in danger they help us to get out of the bad situation. This is the story of such a rescue dog called ‘Duke’ that saved the life of a […]

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