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Dog Saves Pregnant Mom’s Life

As we all know, dogs have an almost supernatural ability to detect things. This is why we train them to detect drugs, bombs, and even cancer. This means they can smell inside the human body. They will know we are sick before we do. This story should come as no surprise then, although it is […]

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Rescued Dog Works at a Gas Station

Negao isn’t your typical gas station employee, and not just because he’s a dog. But he didn’t always have a job. 2 years ago, Sabrina Plannerer and partner purchased a Shell Gas Station in Brazil. While it was under construction, Sabrina discovered a dog who had been abandoned there. He was too frightened to leave. […]

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Do Therapy Dogs Like Their Jobs?

If you love dogs, just hanging out with a dog will make you feel good. This is the basic idea behind therapy dogs. They work as healing companions for people with cancer, PTSD, and dementia. There more than 50,000 therapy dogs in the U.S., and they are becoming increasingly popular in other countries, such as […]

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Dog Alerts Family to Toxic Smoke from Burning Hairbrush, Saves Their Lives

Jennifer’s lungs still hurt half a week later. She can deal with it, but if you ask her about what might have happened, she tears up. Jennifer DeStefani’s friend Marta DeGennaro was attending a wedding and asked Jennifer to watch her dog: Bandit, a Pomeranian-Poodle mix. The DeStefanis had some pets of their own already, […]

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Pizza Guy Rescues Dog During Delivery

Steven Donovan was delivering pizzas when saw a tiny dog run into the road. “I was about to turn onto a major road and I saw him run across the street,” Donovan said. “I immediately turned around and went back. I couldn’t just leave the dog out there.” Donovan tracked him down and brought him […]

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Dog Saves Life of Boy Trapped in Dryer

Teddy the cockapoo came to the rescue of 5 year old Riley as he was sent spinning inside the family dryer. Riley Gedge-Duffy, who has Down’s Syndrome, was going to die. He had climbed into the dryer and shut the door. Then the machine started a cycle. Teddy immediately knew something was wrong, and so […]

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Lost Dogs Return Home After Owners Cook Sausages

The owners of a pair of miniature Schnauzers were upset when they disappeared into the fog while on a walk. They thought they would never see Charlie and Theo again. Liz and Graham Hampson starting a search for the dogs, contacting mountain rescue teams, their friends, and their families. In total, more than 120 people […]

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Border Collie Herds Whole Flock of Sheep into Owners Kitchen

Rocky the border collie was being trained for what he was bred for: herding sheep. Rocky was only 7 months old. He took his job very seriously. One day, he decided to round up his nine ovine charges right into the house. Rosalyn Edwards told the telegraph that she was in the kitchen when she […]

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Gang Drags Cop Into Forest To Kill Him, Police Dog Saves the Day

Dogs didn’t get the moniker “Man’s Best Friend” for sitting around doing nothing. They are intelligent, empathetic, and loyal, which is why they are used for all sorts of jobs. The police use them to find drugs and to help subdue criminals. Because of the nature of their jobs, police officers are an obvious target […]

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Woman Discovers Shelter Dog Has A Family, Makes 2,500 Mile Trip to Return Her

Dogs escape all the time. Even the best dogs will sometimes escape through that open gate, loose fence board, or an escape tunnel. Often they will run off without even telling their owners. Sometimes, they don’t remember the way home. Most lost pups don’t travel over 5,000 miles. One shelter dog is making headlines for […]

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