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A Dog Copies Every Move This Dancer Makes And It’s Beautiful

Lizzy the Border Collie is perhaps one of the most talented dogs of all time! She knows how to dance, and it’s not just jumping around cluelessly like our dogs do all the time… Lizzy is simply the best at what she does! When she and her owner Sandra Roth got on stage at The […]

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Watch What Happens When This Corgi Dog Sniffs This Puppies Hind End… CLASSIC!

  Dogs have this weird tendency of sniffing each other’s hind ends. This sometimes arises awkward situations for us, the dog owners, when our pets do this weird act in front of guests and strangers. But this dog owner decided to capture this moment on video… so she introduced Mac the Corgi with his new […]

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23 Things Your Dog Does When You Are Away… HILARIOUS!

Dogs have been our faithful companions for thousands of years! From the time of our great ancestors till now, we find them giving us company as well as protecting us from danger. But when we are not home, what do they do? Guard our house? Sleep? Empty the refrigerator? Well, our friends at the […]

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When Someone Tried To Kidnap This Little Girl…Watch What The Dog Does!

German shepherds make for excellent guard dogs and protection dogs. We all know how awesome they are but this one is super awesome! This little girl was about to be kidnapped by two men, but the German shepherd came to the rescue and saved the day! Watch the full video below to see what happened… […]

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This German Shepherd Will Protect This Newborn At All Costs

Left your little one home alone? Wait, wait. Is your baby with your German shepherd? Ohh then you need not to worry even the slightest bit! Your German shepherd will protect your baby with his life! Don’t believe us? Watch the awesome video below… That was one really protective dog I must say! He wouldn’t […]

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D18 Coyote Attack! Wait I Am Here Dear Cat. No One Can Harm You. Wonderful Video To Watch.

How This Pit Bull Saved The Cat From Coyote Attack Is AMAZING!

This Pit bull is certainly a hero! The Pit bull saves cat from deadly coyotes… And how he did is simply amazing! Pit bulls secure the head line of the news quite often for all the wrong reasons… now you’ll see something different. Watch the video below… Jacky the pit bull saved the cat which […]

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This German Shepherd Attends Church Daily On His Own… The Reason Why Will Make You Cry…

We are blessed by the company of our loyal and faithful friends sent by God in the form of dogs… Dogs are our inseparable friends in all our weal and woe. And it is a difficult phase of our life when we lose these friends. But sometimes, it is the dog who loses us. But […]

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Separated From Her Original Owner, This Dog Cried When She Was Reunited

  So, when was the last time you left your dog and went somewhere for a long time? Do you remember the reaction you got from your dog when you returned home? Perhaps, this video can help you remember. The video literally made my eyes full of tears. The dog was separated from her owners […]

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Pit Bull Saves Baby And The Family From Burglars… This is why they are so AWESOME!

Our beloved dogs save us from so many unwanted dangers. This time it is from a burglary. The incident of robbery can be very much life threatening to anybody… It may cause catastrophe to life. But this family was threatened to even greater extents when the burglars decided to take away their little baby! But […]

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The Cutest Pack Of Husky Puppies Howling For The First Time… This Is TOO CUTE!

  When you’re the lucky owner of a cute little puppy it is just the best feeling in the world! Their growing up in front of us is such a pleasure. As you already know, Siberian husky is a very beautiful breed of dog with their wonderfully coated furs and blue eyes. And their defining […]

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