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Watch This Dog Get Rescued From a Frozen River

I think we are all in need of feel-good stories lately, given the state of the world. Last winter, a fire chief from Canada shared a video on Facebook of several firefighters and RCMP rescuing someone’s pet dog. The dog had wandered onto the ice and fell in while he was walking off leash. They […]

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Dying Man Gets to Say Goodbye to his Dog

A man who had just hours to live had one wish: to see his dog one last time. Peter Robson was suffering from fibrosis in his lungs. He didn’t have long. The hospital asked his family if there was anything that he wanted from home to comfort him. They asked if they could bring his […]

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“Angel” Dog Saves Boy From Cougar

Austin Forman has a guardian angel, and her name is Angel. She is a golden retriever, and she saved Austin’s life. One Saturday, Austin was attacked in his backyard by a Cougar. Angel, only 18 months old, threw herself between the cougar and Austin. Sherri Forman, Austin’s mother, said her son was outside in the […]

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This Dog Can Talk?

A man walks onto a stage. He claims he can make a dog speak. The audience and judges are incredulous (wouldn’t you be?). At first the dog does not cooperate. But then the dog opens it’s mouth and speaks. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below. The act is by ventriloquist/comedian Marc Metral and his […]

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Deaf and Blind Dog Rescues 3 Year Old

Aurora, a 3 year old, went missing after wandering away from her family property on a Friday night. Luckily for her, the family dog, a 17 year old Australian cattle dog named Max, followed her out into the wilderness. Saturday morning, 100 police officers, emergency workers, and members of the public were searching for her. […]

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Training Guide Dog Puppies

Have you ever wondered how they pick puppies that become guide dogs? Me too. The video below shows part of the process a puppy goes through in order to become a guide dog. This is how the National Guide Dog Center for the Blind (located in the U.K.) select their dogs. They begin at Puppy […]

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Are Dogs Smarter than Cats?

It’s an age old question: are dogs smarter than cats? Dogs can be trained to do a variety of tricks very well, cats are much harder to train. Yet cats are extremely skilled natural hunters with unlimited curiosity. A neuroscientist, a dog cognition expert, and a cat behavior researcher got together to answer the question. […]

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Shelter Dog Moves into New Home and is So Excited When She Discovers What is in the Backyard

When a dog finally gets adopted from a shelter, it’s hard to imagine what is going through their minds. It must be such a relief to be out of a kennel, find someone who loves you, and to move into a nice home. For some adopted dogs, they have never seen grass, or been outside […]

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Rescue Dog Experiences a Bed for the First Time and her Reaction is Heartwarming!

I can never get enough videos of rescue dogs. It is so inspiring to see these dogs FINALLY get the love and the homes they deserve. When a dog gets to use a bed for the very first time? Magical. It’s awful to think that so many dogs are mistreated and abused every year; every […]

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This Dog was Almost Starved to Death. But Then a Miracle Happened.

A dog was dying. This dog’s name is Angel, and she was being purposely starved. You should get your tissues ready, but don’t worry, this story has a happy ending. You could even call it a miracle. The video on the next page¬†will make you cry. At first it will be from sadness and anger. […]

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