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Chihuahua Puppy Looks SO CUTE When She’s Getting Her First Ever Bath!


Dogs hate bath time, don’t they? Well, at least most dogs do! But if you ease them up with comfortable bathing sessions since they are young, they can grow up to actually like it! This video shows an adorable little Chihuahua puppy getting her first ever bath. At first she was shy, but later on she rather enjoyed it! Watch how cutely she reacts when she gets her first bath in the video below…

The little pup seemed to enjoy her bath in the end… after all it finished with a treat and some warm cuddles! I’m sure this pup will never make a fuss when bathing, ever! How was your experience bathing your dog for the first time? And how do they react now? Share your experience with us… lets find out who has the naughtiest puppy there is!

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Video Source: YouTube

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