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Take A Look Inside The AMAZING Life Of Duncan – The Two Legged Puppy!


The amazing story of Duncan – The two legged dog will blow your mind! Born with severely deformed hind legs, this poor puppy was adopted by Amanda Giese, the founder of “Panda Paws Rescue”. She was given two choices, either euthanize Duncan to relieve him off his pains or amputate the deformed legs. Amanda chose to take the one chance at life for Duncan. But later on how the dog amazed everyone with only two legs is simply amazing! Watch the video below to see his full story…

Duncan didn’t want the wheelchairs to hold him back, so he learned to walk without one! Of course he had to learn everything the hard way, but he did… and he can do everything a normal four-legged dog does! “Life is 10 percent what happens to you, and 90 percent what you do with that,” Giese says in the video. This is indeed true as we see Duncan, the 9 month old puppy who didn’t let his handicap stop him from living a normal life!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of GoPro

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