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When These “Crime-Fighting” Pooches Saved The Day…It Put A BIG Smile On My Face!


We have so many fictional superhero characters in our world, it’s just wrong that dogs don’t have any superhero of their kind… until now! Meet the most adorable crime-fighting duo ever! These two little Dachshunds have donned the cape and mask of BatDog and Robin to defeat the burgler… how they do it is just sooo cute! Watch the video below to see them in action…

DO NOT FEAR! BatDog & Robin is here!

Crusoe and his brother Oakley the miniature dachshunds – AKA BatDog & Robin save the day again by defeating a burglar in their home… watching them display their crime-fighting skills brought a smile in my face!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

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