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Dog Lovers Sharing Their Reactions When They Meet Pit Bulls For The First Time… I Totally Did Not Expect This!

D14 Dog Lovers Sharing Their Reactions When They Meet Pit-bull First Time

Let’s be completely honest here, Pit bulls don’t have a good reputation and are often feared by most people. So, BuzzFeed decided to introduce some dog lovers to Pit Bulls for the very first time. These people meeting pit bulls for the first time give their reactions in different ways. Their perceptions about pit bull and the way they used to assume this species change as soon as they are exposed to this dog. I totally did not expect this to happen. See the following video and watch how they react…

Most people tend to have a wrong perception about pit-bull dogs, that’s why they don’t like meeting this dog much. But when they are, for the first time, given the chance to get to know about these dogs, they are astonished and overwhelmed by the dog’s awesomeness! People get their wrong perception corrected and they are so happy meeting these cute, good dogs.

As the girl was saying that these dogs are big and angry, but later on, she was dispelled as soon as her first-hand experience happens by the company of a timid pit-bull dog.

These intelligent and energetic dogs won the hearts of all of them. This goes to show how important dog training is. They can be trained as the way we want. They are so submissive to their owners and to the people who love them much. So, if you train them well, they will be well-behaved sweethearts… but if you train them to be aggressive then you’ll get a dangerous dog. It all depends on the trainer, not the dog… and this applies for all kinds of dogs, not just Pit bulls.

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Video courtesy: YouTube channel of BuzzFeedVideo

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