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Dogs Dinning In A Busy Restaurant

D13 Amazing Video Of Two Dogs Eating Dinner Just Like Human

Sometimes we teach our dogs tricks that are way beyond their normal capabilities… And sometimes we make them do interesting stuffs for a good laugh. So, what happens if two dogs are coupled together and sent out to dine at a restaurant just like a human? Well, trust me on this, when you see this dog couple dining on a busy restaurant, you will be amazed! They can even use fork and knife as well! See the following video to see how it happens…

These two dogs named NONO (Yellow Labrador) and SIA (Danish Broholmer) are trained so accurately that they sit in the table and have their dinner so amazingly just the way a human couple does. They sit and wait patiently for the waitress to serve foods on the table.  It was really majestic to see when they use fork and knife. They even get into a naughty mood by stealing other’s foods. They use tissue paper as well to wipe their mouth. LoL!!! It’s a wonderful display of how well-trained these two dogs are… they didn’t go out of control as soon as seeing the food, instead they did what their owner wanted them to do… and the result is this awesome video! And kudos to the makers of this video for such a wonderful synchronization between the dogs and the human hands… a very well made piece indeed!

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Video courtesy: YouTube channel of Kristian Septimius Krogh