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When Someone Tried To Kidnap This Little Girl…Watch What The Dog Does!


German shepherds make for excellent guard dogs and protection dogs. We all know how awesome they are but this one is super awesome! This little girl was about to be kidnapped by two men, but the German shepherd came to the rescue and saved the day! Watch the full video below to see what happened…

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Well, you’ve probably already realized this was just a training stunt for the German shepherd. Still it got my heart racing! First of all I was so scared with the concept of kidnapping! When I started to watch the video I was so tensed seeing the little girl all alone and two well-built men coming to kidnap the girl. Then I noticed the German shepherd jumping to her rescue. He chased a man who took the baby in his arm. Then the other man took the child in his arms and the canine ran behind him! “K9 German Shepherd Nation” were training the dog for such real life incidents and I’m sure this brave K-9 passed with flying colors! The organization trains German shepherds many things along with protecting children from kidnappers. That’s why the men were saved even after the hero shepherd attacked them, I’m sure if it was real they wouldn’t be able to walk out on their own! That’s how much fierce and protective the German shepherds can be. They can be properly trained and grow up to be excellent guard dogs. Would you want one for your family? I’m sure I do! Let us know what you think… leave a comment!

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Video Source: YouTube

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