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Why Do Dogs Run Away? You Need To Know This If You’re A Dog Owner!

We all know that feeling of coming home and finding that your dog is not there. You look in the backyard and there is a dog sized hole under the fence. Your heart drops to your stomach as you begin looking for your dog.

Hopefully you find them again, but why would they run away in the first place? Especially when you give it love, attention, exercise, and food? Turns out, there are a few reasons why. We even have a funny video at the end of this post to help you remember.

6 Reasons Your Dog Runs Away

#1. Looking for Love

If your dog hasn’t been spayed or neutered, this is probably the reason why. Dogs can smell each other from up to a mile away. Mating is a strong drive from dogs, so if they get the opportunity, they could make a break for it.

#2. Fear

Because dogs have such excellent hearing, loud noises can frighten them easily. Things like fireworks, construction, or traffic can scare your dog. When dogs feel threatened, they want to escape to a place that feels safe. If they have the ability to get out of the house, they will keep running until they feel safe.

Additionally, natural disasters will obviously terrify your dog, so it is very common for dogs to run away because of an earthquake, mudslide, etc.

#3. Separation Anxiety

Our dogs love us, and most will have some anxiety when we leave them. If it gets bad enough, they might just break out of the house to come looking for us.

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