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How This Dog Saved A 5 Year Old Boy From A Wild Bear!


We, the dog owners already know that our dogs not only accompany us at all times, but they also help us at the face of danger. They try to protect us and stand by us to make sure we are safe. This video is such a story of a dog’s bravery that saved the life of a 5 year old boy. What he did is simply amazing!

The 6 year old pet dog named “Mego” living with its family in the town of Odate in northern Japan, was taking a walk by the riverside with the 5 year old boy and his great grandfather. That’s when the wild bear ambushed and attacked the helpless boy. What the brave dog Mego did next to save the boy is incredible! Scroll down and watch the video below to see the full news…

Mego attacked and fought off the 1 meter tall wild bear to save the little boy. Thankfully, the boy was unharmed other than some minor scratches and bruises in his body. According to the dogs family, Mego has always been a calm and timid kind of dog, but at the face of serious danger he showed the brave side of his nature and saved the day.

What do you think of Mego’s bravery? Will your dog do the same thing if he saw you in this kind of trouble? Let us know in the comments section!

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Video Source: YouTube

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