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Watch How These Dogs React When A Giant Teddy Bear Visits Them!


Christmas is a wonderful time for everyone… so why our precious dogs would be left out from all the fun? This family decided to surprise their beloved pet dogs with teddy bears this Christmas! And just when they were finished playing with the stuffed toys… comes a special guest, a giant teddy bear! And the way they reacted to the teddy is in one word – PRICELESS! Watch what they do in the video below…

Maymo and Penny – the two dogs were extremely excited to see the bear; jumping, playing and wagging their tails! But Maymo gets a bit too excited (fulfilling his fantasy to attack a mascot perhaps), biting and dragging the bear over the floor until the bear can’t take it anymore. They are just so adorable, you can’t just take your eyes off them!

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Video Source: YouTube

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