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This Jack Russell Terrier And Miniature Horse Do Something Amazing… WOW!

D21 Unconventional Story-Great Friendship Between A Dog And A Horse

This is the story of a dog and a horse that were rescued by Francesca Carson – a horse trainer. Since then they are inseparable friends and getting along beautifully. Francesca even trained the two to perform tricks with each other! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the chemistry and team-work between the dynamic duo! See the video below to see how they bring about this mutualistic friendship…

The six year old Jack Russell Terrier named Dally, and his pal, a horse named Spanky, seven years old miniature pony, were rescued together. Francesca Carson who was a horse trainer found them and adopted them. Since then, they have been working together, living together. These three close friends seem to be inseparable although they have immensely difference in size and race. Dally can ride on Spanky’s back confidently, perform tricks with him and he always snuggles at Spanky’s big belly for having a nap!

The rescuer, Francesca said, “Dally kept on staring at us when I used to train Spanky but suddenly one day something different happened. Dally came up to Spanky and jumped up onto her back for a ride. He was adamant; he was not getting off his back. So I gave it a shot!! Surprisingly, Dally succeeded in riding on Spanky’s back. Since then their friendship became deeper and stronger.” It’s really special to see the trust they have between each other – it’s remarkable for a horse to allow a dog to jump on him whenever the dog wants.

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Video courtesy: YouTube channel of Barcroft TV