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This Little Girl Just Got The Best Birthday Gift EVER… Her Reaction Is PRICELESS!

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Dogs can be the best birthday gift ever… and this video proves that! When a child wishes for something, as a parent we always try to fulfill it. Sometimes the wish can be “Mom, please take me to moon”… May be the mom’s just smile and hug the little ones. The little girl in this video didn’t wish anything fancy… just a little pet puppy! So, when she finally got one, her reaction is simply PRICELESS! Watch the video below to see her reaction when she got her birthday gift puppy…

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How sweet was the surprise! Mom gave her daughter the dresses for the puppy and then she was surprised… Now comes the blast. The puppy! My God! The girl cannot believe that she really got a puppy as her birthday gift. She was asking her mother in disbelief “Are you serious?” Then she cries taking the puppy which is so small it just fits in the palm of her hand. Awww, the little puppy looks soo cute, doesn’t it? The child’s wait of one year gets over. She says, “this is way better than a cellphone!”… Well, indeed it is! She will take care of the puppy with lots of love I’m sure. The puppy will be her closest friend.

The innocent love the girl has for this puppy makes me feel so emotional. Did you ever give puppy as a gift to anyone? Let us know with your comments!

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Video Source: YouTube

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