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Meet The Puppy Who Was Born With A Mustache!


As you can see below…Baffi is all grown up now and the mustache looks AMAZING!  Now we have had a lot of readers comment about the cropped ears.  Many people are for or against this…however we are going to focus on the “Stash”.  Baffi can’t go anywhere these days with out getting stopped…many people want pictures!  Mother nature is something else.  We are so glad to see that Baffi is doing well and is sporting the coolest “Dog Stash” we have ever seen!

#3 Like most mustaches during adolescence they are filling in, but still a little patchy and thin in spots


#4 The full grown mustache of now adult Baffi the Pit Bull!


#5 A side by side comparison of Baffi’s mustache through the ages


What did you think of this amazing dog? Have you ever seen any other dog like him? Let us know in the comments!

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Have a lovely day!

155 replies on “Meet The Puppy Who Was Born With A Mustache!”

I agree with the comments about docking the ears. Dobermans and I believe some boxers also have this done. Some breeds have tails docked. The ears are cruel and make the dog look vicious. Wish AKC and states would outlaw it.

Sweet dog, cute mustache then some barbarian butchered his ears! That’s what I think! Sicko…
I LOVE dogs? Yeah, right you do!

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