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Meet The Puppy Who Was Born With A Mustache!


We have seen so many awesome dogs with so many beautiful colors and patches of fur! But nothing comes close to this puppy who was born with a mustache! Baffi the Pit Bull has the most amazing patches we have ever seen… he has a perfectly shaped “Handlebar Mustache” right where it’s supposed to be! It was only fitting to name him Baffi which stands for mustache in Italian!  At first glance it might seem like the mustache was drawn in his white face, but in reality it isn’t! As he grew up his mustache also grew, and the way he looks now, he can be described perfectly with one word – CLASSY! Watch his amazing pictures below…#1 Baffi the young puppy with mustache!


#2 The ever growing mustache!


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155 replies on “Meet The Puppy Who Was Born With A Mustache!”

I can’t believe his ears have been docked! Barbaric! How would you like someone to cut off the tips of your ears?!!!!!

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