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Puppy Tries His Best To See The Baby Clearly… What He Does Next Is SO FUNNY!

D9 How Amazing!!! This Adorable Puppy is Putting The Best Effort To See The New born Baby Clearly…

Puppies can do things that make us go “Awwwww”. And this is one of those moments! In this cute video, the adorable puppy named Billy is trying to see the baby girl Isabelle clearly. And Isabelle is resting on the bed and Billy can’t see her as he is very short. So, what does he do next? You can’t help but smile when you see what he does in the video below…

Wow!!! I can’t believe just how cute this video is! The lovely baby Isabelle is looking at Billy, the dog, and on the other hand to see Isabelle, Billy is continuously jumping up and down. He even managed to get a ball to play with up there, but the poor fella couldn’t manage to do that for himself. The little guy is either trying to get up there, or playing the cutest game of hide and seek! But I think little Billy is very curious to see the baby and eager to play, and cuddle with the baby… hence the excitement!

I am bewildered to see the dog’s effort and level of energy. What is your opinion regarding this adorable puppy? Do you want such a puppy baby sitter for your baby? Let us know through comments…………

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Video Courtesy: YouTube Channel of Rumble Viral

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