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Puppy Playing With A Baby Might Just Be The Cutest Thing You’ve Ever Seen!


Babies are just the cutest thing ever, aren’t they! But so are puppies! Puppies can be very affectionate and playful with babies. And in this video, the adorable dog named Zayla who loves to play with the little baby of her master spends some quality time with the baby. And watching them play just made my day! Watch the cute video below:

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Their friendship is sooo cute!!! The little baby is passing a wonderful moment with Zayla, the dog. It is good to see that the kid is not afraid of the dog at all. Instead, the dog has become a good friend of the baby and they are enjoying each other’s company very much. The way they are cuddling and playing with each other is simply amazing!!! It is undoubtedly a pleasing scene. I don’t understand why some people prefer to get rid of their dogs when they have babies… they need to see this, I’m sure this’ll change their mind!

Does your dog play with your kid this way? Did you like the adorable dog baby sitter in the video? Let us know in the comment section…

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Video Courtesy: YouTube Channel of Rumble Viral

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