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Soldier Reunites With Her Dog On Live TV – I Wasn’t Expecting This Reaction At First!

At first when Emma was brought into the room she was perhaps overwhelmed with all the people and lights and everything, she was like, “Oh hey stranger, hi!” But then when she remembered her owners smell she went crazy with sheer happiness! And that’s when tears rolled down my eyes along with all the audience present in the show.

Here are some of the fun comments from the video from YouTube-

“The dogs like “who are you – I MISSED YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!””

“That is a gorgeous Norwegian Ridgeback! Her fur is so shiny and she’s in such good health.

    — Not Norwegian ,Rhodesian Ridgeback

         — You’re right! A “Norwegian” Ridgeback is a Harry Potter dragon. {Facepalm} I confused a  dog with a mythical dragon…yup..”

“The dogs reaction was like… “oh a TV show! oh hi many people, hi lady” dog was led to lady “oh, hello again lady, whats your na…OHHH MYY , I KNOW YOU I KNOW YOU, REMEMBER NOW!”

“There is no greater love than that of a pet dog!!”


It’s just simply amazing how strong bonds we dog owners share with our canine buddies… isn’t it? Words really can’t describe it!

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Video Source: Youtube

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