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The Reason This Boy Was Standing On His Dog Has Upset Many…But Wait Till You Find Out Why…


The new year of one-time vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin started on a rather controversial note. She posted a photo of her 6 year old son Trig standing on the family dog Jill. The Facebook post was intended to wish everyone a happy new year, but instead got intense criticism from many people who identified the act as animal abuse.  On the NEXT PAGE you can see photos along with the comment that Palin posted that alarmed many.

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Ok, not a huge fan of Palin, but admire her son’s ingenuity in solving his problem of reaching the counter. I have a 125 lb English lab that my grandkids love to lay with and on, and I know that the dog would move if in pain. My biggest problem with this whole issue is that animal lovers and Palin herself are caught up in the argument of the treatment of the dog but not in the safety issue with the child. Our grandkids are reminded that the dog WILL move if he feels pain, so make sure to leave him an avenue of escape that doesn’t topple them. If this dog felt pain, he would certainly move, causing the child to face plant on the counter and fall to the floor. Would you allow your child to stand on a ball or any other precarious object so close to a counter? To be honest, I would have appreciated the child’s determination, taken the pic, then removed the child from the moveable object (the dog) for his own safety.

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