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This Dog Encounters A Black Bear Cub… What He Did Next Was Surprising!

D7 Wow!! A Black Bear Cub Playing With An Old Dog, It’s Simply Amazing!

How does your dog react when meeting new friends? What if that new friend is a black bear cub? In the amazing video below the dog and Earl – the black bear cub, encountered each other in the former Woodland Zoo in Pennsylvania. What they did next is simply amazing! This is the kind of video which you would not want to miss!! Watch it below…….

The black bear cub Earl runs to the dog and start cuddling! When Earl becomes tired he returns to the master and goes to play with the dog again… The dog does the same. The relationship between the bear cub, Earl, and the dog is amazing. I guess, when a hostile animal like a bear are raised in captivity, they learn to become friendly with other animals. And, dogs are already the best at making friends out of other animals! And I’m sure their friendship will only grow stronger by time.

So, what’s your opinion after watching this video? Would you let your dog play with a black bear cub? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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Video Courtesy: YouTube

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