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This Greyhound Only Has 2 Legs But Can Run Like The Wind!

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Dominick, the 2-year old Italian Greyhound dog is simply one of the most amazing dogs ever! And you will know why in the video below. Dominick lost 2 of his right legs in an auto accident. But unlike other dogs, Dominick adapted to the disability like a BOSS! He was running and jumping just like any other regular 4-legged dog would! Dominick didn’t let his new handicap keep him down. He gets around like any dog enjoying a game of fetch and running around. Watch the video below to see how he does it…

It’s amazing how he does it, isn’t it? He is so full of energy, enjoying his life against all odds! That is simply amazing! Understandably, walking on two legs is very difficult for canines, they can’t keep balance properly, and running is simply out of the equation… But Dominick proves everyone wrong and defies his handicap like a true survivor! We’ve got loads to learn from our canine buddies, this “Never Quit” attitude, truly is a virtue!

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Video Source — YouTube

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