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This Pug Loves To Get Showers! His Reaction Is Just So Darn Cute!


Dogs really hate baths, and as dog owners, we all have experienced it first-hand. But for Barry the Pug, it’s quite opposite! He just loves to take baths and just can’t get enough of it! This YouTube video recorded by Barry’s owner David Stanton, captures his reactions while taking a bath; you will definitely smile when you watch this!

Isn’t he super cute? I have never seen a dog enjoy bathing this much before! Not only does he love being sprayed with warm water, he simply can’t get enough of getting scrubbed! You can clearly see the happiness in his face.

I wish my dogs loved baths as much as Barry does! They either try to run away or helplessly look at me with sad puppy eyes to melt my heart! But a bath is a bath, it is needed for their well-being! I guess I have to train them and make them enjoy it since they are puppies, or may be its genetic, I don’t know! What do you think? Does YOUR dog love bath time or hate it? Let us know in the comments section!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of David Stanton

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