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This Pit Bull Saved His Owner From Attacker… How He Did It Surprised Everyone.


Pit Bull dogs are probably the most misunderstood dog breed of all time. They have been called many things, but unfortunately, caring and heroic aren’t often among them. Still, these are the only words we can use to describe this brave Pit Bull named Champ. When his owner Millie Fiser, 60, was leaving trash outside her home in Little Rock, Arkansas, she was attacked from behind by an unknown assailant who demanded money. Fiser called for help and only her dog Champ came to the rescue. What he did next is simply amazing! Watch this amazing story in the video below…

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Champ the Pit Bull has been recently diagnosed with severe illness and yet the 12 year old dog didn’t stop from helping his owner from danger. The neighbors call him the “Gentle Giant” for his good behavior… in fact this is the first time Champ has shown aggression towards anybody in his whole life. Well, this proves again, Pit bulls can be really calm and mild-mannered animals if brought up right; but they will not hesitate to show their aggression if you need them to.

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Video Source: YouTube

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