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What This Dog Did To A Pile Of Water Bottles Made Me Smile.


“Maymo”, the cute little Lemon Beagle Dog got his favorite gift this Christmas! Maymo loves to play with empty bottles, so when he received over 200 bottles arranged in a shape of a Christmas tree, he completely lost it! Watch what he does when he got his gift in the video below… Be advised, he is just TOO CUTE to handle!

So, what did we learn from this video?

Arrange 210 empty bottles as a Christmas tree and let your dog play with it = Doggy Heaven!

Maymo is so happy to get the best dog gift he doesn’t even mind wearing a Santa hat while chewing and playing! What a great idea… these parents totally went above and beyond to make sure their beloved canine has the best Christmas of all time!

So, what is the best Christmas gift you gave to your furry friend? Let us know in the comments!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of Maymo!

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