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This Dog Attacked a 5 Year Old Girl… You Won’t Believe What Another Dog Did To Save Her Life!


Dogs can be our best friends and this video serves to prove that once again! When 5 year old Romaya Hernandez from Lake Worth, Florida, tried to pet the neighbor’s Labrador mix dog, the dog viciously attacked her for an unknown reason. Romaya was helpless, until their family Pitbull “Trigger” came in for rescue, attacking the dog and killing him to save Romaya. This is a story you don’t want to miss, watch the video below to see how it happened…

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Many people think Pitbull dogs are aggressive and Labradors are famous for their kind and gentle temperament. Surprisingly in this video we see them swap their roles! Well, stereotypes are never a good indicator of character, this incident proves that once again.

Its still unclear why the gentle Labrador dog attacked the girl, what provoked him… But thankfully Romaya is safe now. The budget for the family trip in Disneyland this year is now going to be used for Romaya’s Plastic Surgery. We sure hope this unfortunate incident won’t leave a permanent scar in her mind. But one thing’s for sure, Trigger the family Pitbull dog will forever be Romaya’s Superhero!

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