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The Reason This Boy Was Standing On His Dog Has Upset Many…But Wait Till You Find Out Why…


The new year of one-time vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin started on a rather controversial note. She posted a photo of her 6 year old son Trig standing on the family dog Jill. The Facebook post was intended to wish everyone a happy new year, but instead got intense criticism from many people who identified the act as animal abuse.  On the NEXT PAGE you can see photos along with the comment that Palin posted that alarmed many.

267 replies on “The Reason This Boy Was Standing On His Dog Has Upset Many…But Wait Till You Find Out Why…”

Geez…there are way more serious things in life than this. If you think this is abuse then you are twisted and uneducated.

Wow to all the Palin haters on here. I say that because it’s painfully obvious they aren’t dog lovers. We all know if she’d have served her up for dinner not a word would be heard from them.
If that had been me, I wouldn’t have explained why it wasn’t the best idea to stand on the dog (which I have no reason to believe Palin didn’t) but I would have also taken a picture first.
If you were serious about animal abuse you’d be doing something about it rather than making uneducated comments about an obviously well loved family pet.

This is not about the child standing on the dog. This is about bashing Sarah Palin. People get a job, or find a hobby, anything to stay busy and stop looking for things to nit pick others about. If the dog was not ok with this it would have moved. I have had dogs all my life and my babies climbed all over quite a few of them. Dog’s are smarter than some humans, and this one would surely have moved if it was in pain. No reply from the haters is necessary. If some people kept their mouths shut it would cover up a world of ignorance.

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