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A Cute Dog Or Tiny Ewok…You Decide…This is CUTE!


Meet Munchkin – the teddy bear puppy!  I was first exposed to this cute “Furball” on Youtube when my sister first showed me the video of him walking on a treadmill.  At first I thought… Hey that’s an Ewok… but quickly saw that gag…the costume.  And I smiled.

So one of my first thoughts were, “Hey is that responsible dog ownership…dressing your little guy up in an Ewok costume?”.  Apparently some think it’s not and have blasted social media with all kinds of animal abuse claims and such.  I did check out the comments from the people who shot the video and they said… (Continue to the next page to see the video)

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A Dog Copies Every Move This Dancer Makes And It’s Beautiful

Lizzy the Border Collie is perhaps one of the most talented dogs of all time! She knows how to dance, and it’s not just jumping around cluelessly like our dogs do all the time… Lizzy is simply the best at what she does! When she and her owner Sandra Roth got on stage at The Open European Championships to show their dancing skills… nobody expected this to happen! This is synchronized dancing at its best… watch their amazing dance performance in the video below…

I’m still at awe after watching this video. It was so beautiful… so graceful! These two had the most amazing chemistry I’ve ever seen! Lizzy is undoubtedly one of the most talented dogs in the world right now! And hats off to her owner Sandra… she definitely put in a lot of hard work to train Lizzy to be this much skilled at dancing, its unbelievable! One thing to be noted, Lizzy is a Border Collie… and these dogs are one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there. Perhaps that explains how she performed all those complex dance moves without even flinching for a second!

Were you just as surprised as we are after watching this video? Let us know, leave a comment down below!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of Sandra Roth

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Watch What Happens When This Corgi Dog Sniffs This Puppies Hind End… CLASSIC!


Dogs have this weird tendency of sniffing each other’s hind ends. This sometimes arises awkward situations for us, the dog owners, when our pets do this weird act in front of guests and strangers. But this dog owner decided to capture this moment on video… so she introduced Mac the Corgi with his new little sister Lacie… how the corgi reacts in the end to the puppy butt is just CLASSIC! Watch the video below…

Hahah, I almost fell down laughing at this! These two were playing and then suddenly the little pup turns around and BAM! The look on the poor Corgi’s face in the end is downright hilarious! As if he was asking, “Tell me she did not just do that to my face!” My dogs fart all the time… its gross to be honest… but if they’re giving a look like this every time, then I don’t mind them doing it at all!

So, what does your dog do when encountered with smaller puppies? Do they try and play with them? Or the puppy gets the upper hand just like the one in this video? Do let us know… leave a comment down below!

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Video Source: YouTube

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23 Things Your Dog Does When You Are Away… HILARIOUS!

Dogs have been our faithful companions for thousands of years! From the time of our great ancestors till now, we find them giving us company as well as protecting us from danger. But when we are not home, what do they do? Guard our house? Sleep? Empty the refrigerator?

Well, our friends at the have found these 23 things that our dogs do when we are away! I can’t believe how funny some of these are… Scroll down and watch the pictures below to find out what your dog does when you are away…

#1 Get The Toilet Papers Ready For You!


#2 Take A Bath!


#3 Clean The Dishes For You!


#4 Take Care Of The Pillow For You!


#5 Try To Be Friends With The Goldfish!


#6 Smile At The Neighbors!


#7 Clean The Windows!


#8 Protect The Fridge!


#9 Do Homework


#10 Redecorate Your House


#11 Ride A Pony


Move over to the next page to watch the rest of the images! 🙂

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Why Do Dogs Run Away? You Need To Know This If You’re A Dog Owner!

We all know that feeling of coming home and finding that your dog is not there. You look in the backyard and there is a dog sized hole under the fence. Your heart drops to your stomach as you begin looking for your dog.

Hopefully you find them again, but why would they run away in the first place? Especially when you give it love, attention, exercise, and food? Turns out, there are a few reasons why. We even have a funny video at the end of this post to help you remember.

6 Reasons Your Dog Runs Away

#1. Looking for Love

If your dog hasn’t been spayed or neutered, this is probably the reason why. Dogs can smell each other from up to a mile away. Mating is a strong drive from dogs, so if they get the opportunity, they could make a break for it.

#2. Fear

Because dogs have such excellent hearing, loud noises can frighten them easily. Things like fireworks, construction, or traffic can scare your dog. When dogs feel threatened, they want to escape to a place that feels safe. If they have the ability to get out of the house, they will keep running until they feel safe.

Additionally, natural disasters will obviously terrify your dog, so it is very common for dogs to run away because of an earthquake, mudslide, etc.

#3. Separation Anxiety

Our dogs love us, and most will have some anxiety when we leave them. If it gets bad enough, they might just break out of the house to come looking for us.

Continue to the next page to see 3 more reasons and a funny video that puts it all into perspective.

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When Someone Tried To Kidnap This Little Girl…Watch What The Dog Does!


German shepherds make for excellent guard dogs and protection dogs. We all know how awesome they are but this one is super awesome! This little girl was about to be kidnapped by two men, but the German shepherd came to the rescue and saved the day! Watch the full video below to see what happened…

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Well, you’ve probably already realized this was just a training stunt for the German shepherd. Still it got my heart racing! First of all I was so scared with the concept of kidnapping! When I started to watch the video I was so tensed seeing the little girl all alone and two well-built men coming to kidnap the girl. Then I noticed the German shepherd jumping to her rescue. He chased a man who took the baby in his arm. Then the other man took the child in his arms and the canine ran behind him! “K9 German Shepherd Nation” were training the dog for such real life incidents and I’m sure this brave K-9 passed with flying colors! The organization trains German shepherds many things along with protecting children from kidnappers. That’s why the men were saved even after the hero shepherd attacked them, I’m sure if it was real they wouldn’t be able to walk out on their own! That’s how much fierce and protective the German shepherds can be. They can be properly trained and grow up to be excellent guard dogs. Would you want one for your family? I’m sure I do! Let us know what you think… leave a comment!

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Video Source: YouTube

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This German Shepherd Will Protect This Newborn At All Costs


Left your little one home alone? Wait, wait. Is your baby with your German shepherd? Ohh then you need not to worry even the slightest bit! Your German shepherd will protect your baby with his life! Don’t believe us? Watch the awesome video below…

That was one really protective dog I must say! He wouldn’t let anyone come near the baby, not even his buddy the husky! Such responsible creature is hard to find. Ryder the German shepherd is such a lovely one who is keeping eyes on the baby every moment. It’s evident that he loves the baby sooo much!

Dogs are protective creatures. Watching the video I was so amazed to see Ryder not letting the husky even go closer to the baby. It is like “If anything goes wrong with the baby, I will make you suffer… Do you understand?” So the parents are relaxed keeping the baby with Ryder! And did you see how anxious he became to see the child cry? Ahh I loved it! Huskies love babies too… but apparently Ryder the German shepherd loves him more so no one can get near the baby! What is there to worry if you have such a loyal dog in your house, right!

Has your dog ever done anything like this? Let us know… leave a comment!

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Remember to train your dog with proper care. He will be your asset.

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Video Source: YouTube

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The Video Of This Mutant Giant “Spider-Dog” Will Scare The Living Soul Out Of You…


There is not much to say about this video, except that it has a Mutant Dog that looks like half a spider-half a dog, and that the video will scare the living soul out of you! Watch the video below and prepare yourself for the SHOCK of your life…

It totally got you, didn’t it? I was baffled to see the creature first… then after a while I realized what it really was! And that was a relief! We sure don’t want dogs running around looking all scary like spiders!

The YouTube prankster SA Wardega came up with this brilliant plan of dressing his dog up in a spider-like costume and scare people at night. He succeeded I must say! If I were to see such a creature at the middle of the night, I would’ve fainted! Wouldn’t you? Share your feelings down in the comments section!

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Have fun!


Video Source: YouTube Channel of SA Wardega

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How This Pit Bull Saved The Cat From Coyote Attack Is AMAZING!

D18 Coyote Attack! Wait I Am Here Dear Cat. No One Can Harm You. Wonderful Video To Watch.

This Pit bull is certainly a hero! The Pit bull saves cat from deadly coyotes… And how he did is simply amazing! Pit bulls secure the head line of the news quite often for all the wrong reasons… now you’ll see something different. Watch the video below…

Jacky the pit bull saved the cat which was playing outside the house. The cat was attacked by coyotes and Jacky rushed there and drove away the coyotes.

Coyotes are becoming great threat for smaller pets like cats. Pit bulls have a good reputation as watch dogs and this one did a heroic job by saving his feline buddy! The cat had some bruises but it was not any major one. Their master Lewis said, “He probably feels like he’s the caretaker. He checks on her every day and sniffs her, seeing what kind of shape she is in”. Pit bulls can be great friend of cats. Did you see how peacefully they were sitting together? Like Jacky was assuring the cat to keep calm and be happy. Their friendship is so wonderful to see. And as long as this brave pit bull is there to protect the cat, she has nothing to fear!

What did you think of this wonderful story? Let us know if you also agree that Pit bulls are awesome!

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Video Source: YouTube

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This German Shepherd Attends Church Daily On His Own… The Reason Why Will Make You Cry…


We are blessed by the company of our loyal and faithful friends sent by God in the form of dogs… Dogs are our inseparable friends in all our weal and woe. And it is a difficult phase of our life when we lose these friends. But sometimes, it is the dog who loses us. But their loyalty even after our death is something really hard not to get emotional about. Meet Tommy, a 7-year old German Shepherd who lost his owner. Then he started to attend the church each and every single day! The reason behind his behavior will make you cry… Watch the video below…

It made me so emotional… I just couldn’t help but hug my dogs after watching this video. Tommy the German shepherd is a living example of how deeply dogs can love us.

Tommy visits the church after his owner’s death every day. After death of his owner Maria when the church bells ring he goes to the church and sits quietly. It seems he is praying for the departed soul of his favorite person Maria. Or maybe he is praying to God to let him meet Maria again! Tommy does not disturb anyone in the church. He just sits their calm and quiet and waits for the day he’ll have his wish fulfilled. It’s a small example of how deeply our dogs can love us. Dogs do not leave their loved ones in any condition. Their love is so selfless. I know you’ve encountered such incidents in your life too. Let us know with your comments!

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Video Source: YouTube