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This Stray Dog Followed A Man for 430 Miles And Then Something Amazing Happened!

Meet Arthur, The Stray Dog who has been the focus of worldwide news in the last few weeks and won millions of hearts with his wonderful display of loyalty. The video on the next page tells you the story of how he managed to follow a man through 430 miles of wilderness in the Amazon rain forest!

A Swedish Extreme Sports Team participated on The Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador where the team captain Mikael Lindnord fed this stray dog some meatballs as an act of kindness. But who knew the dog would immediately accept Mikael as his master and start following him everywhere! Through high mountains, long strenuous jungle hikes, through piles of knee-high mud and even through a wild river, the stray dog, now named Arthur, never left his side. The video on the next page tells Arthur’s amazing…

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Watch This Little Chihuahua Play…Like a BOSS!

Chihuahuas are amazing, aren’t they! Smallest dog breed ever with cuteness dripping off every part of their body! This video below shows you just how CUTE and AWESOME a baby Chihuahua can be! Watching them play just made my day!

Aren’t they amazing and cute as hell? Yet, they come with a rather dominant attitude! Even the little pups act as if they were the Alpha Males of the house and can give the big dogs a run for their money! 45 seconds into the video you see the 9 week old Chihuahua driving the other big dog away… Like a BOSS!

This cute video of these adorable little Chihuahuas can convince anyone to adopt one! Maybe I myself will get my other dogs a new Chihuahua companion! Do you think that would be a good idea?

Please post your comments about your experience with Chihuahuas.

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Source Video: Youtube User – Bridget Williams


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If Dogs Could Talk They Would Say This…

Dogs can talk! No, they can’t! Yes, dogs can talk! No way, they can’t! Okay… so if I show you this video where this dog talks to his owner, will you believe me? Okay, fair deal! Watch the Video below… and prepare yourself to be amazed!

So, NO… dogs actually can’t talk LoL! It’s just a voiceover added by the creator of this video! But a pretty clever and well-made video indeed! Seriously, for a second I thought the dog was actually talking! I thought the psychological torture of knowing foods being eaten without sharing with him was strong enough to evoke human words from this poor dog! So foolish of me 😛 …

What does your Dog do when you eat? Or talk about food? Do you tease your dogs like that?

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Dog VS Grizzly Bear… This Is Pretty Amazing!

Dogs battling Grizzly bears is something we don’t hear in the news everyday… And it’s even more rare for such a sight to be captured in video… Yes… it is true! We got the video to prove it! Dogs VS Grizzly Bears! These brave dogs stood up to these bears 10 times their size and weight, just to protect their owners! And you won’t believe what happened next…

Henry the Schnauzer, Baby the Labrador Retriever and Crash the Spaniel, these three make one hell of a great team I must say! Their bravery and team work is nothing short of amazing! I mean, who would’ve known something like this could ever happen! For God’s sake, those were Grizzly Bears! 500 lb GRIZZLY BEARS!

And wait till you hear what Wikipedia says about the size of Grizzly Bears…

“Most adult female grizzlies weigh 130–200 kg (290–440 lb), while adult males weigh on average 180–360 kg (400–790 lb)! Average total length in this subspecies is 198 cm (6.50 ft), with an average shoulder height of 102 cm (3.35 ft)”

And guess what! The combined weight of these three brave dogs don’t even add upto a 150 lbs! Also overlooking the fact that Grizzlies are fierce predators, as if the stacks weren’t already stacked up high enough against our team of brave dogs. But they did manage to chase those bears away! Not just once, but multiple times!

Wow… that truly was something I never seen before… a sight to behold!

Leave your comments below… let us know if this video blew your mind! It sure did mine!

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Source — Youtube Channel of Discovery TV


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Dog Goes NUTS Over A NUT. – Hilarious!

We all love our adorable little dog companions… and who doesn’t love to give delicious treats to their precious dogs every now and then, right! But what happens when your adorable little dog goes GAGA over a couple of hazelnuts? Watch the video below to see for yourself! Be advised, This will make you Laugh out Loud!

See how excited he was? It was as if he just got his Christmas presents and can’t figure out what to do with them! These adorable reactions, well… they just force us to love them even more!

But please keep in mind, Dogs unlike us can’t digest all kinds of nuts… Treating your pet with nuts every now and then is alright IF you know it doesn’t have any side effects. Cause nuts can be a danger to your precious pet dog and “Toxic Poisoning and Upset Stomach” can be a Common Symptom for that. And you being a dog owner definitely don’t want that to happen! This article here points out which nuts to avoid, so do check it out! 

Let us know what treats you give to your dogs and what their reaction is! We’d love to know more!

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Source: Youtube channel– FunFunnyComic

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Dog Teaches A Baby To Jump – Wait Till You See What Happens At The End!

Dogs are simply amazing.  They teach us things every day.  Dakota and Alexis… Alexis and Dakota… Two best friends, inseparable from the first time they met! One is a 1 year old girl and the other a red and white Border Collie! And their friendship takes a new turn when Dakota tries to teach Baby Alexis how to jump! Or maybe Ally(Alexis) was trying to teach Day(Dakota) how to jump! Well, you decide!  This video is just hilarious and kept me grinning from ear to ear.

So, the mom Sabrina Sauve figured out the secret recipe to the cutest and funniest video ever… Ally was learning the jolly jumper, and Day always had this thing for shadows! And what happens when you put them together? 58 seconds of pure unadulterated fun!

Ally was having fun as well watching Day jump on and off her shadows like it was something she could catch, giggling all the way through and trying to jump even higher… and maybe that served to reinforce Day to jump with even more enthusiasm!

The video has been watched more than 6.6 million times on YouTube since it’s been uploaded. With comments like,

“Love them both!”

“I have a feeling these two will be friends forever”

“I think the dog just wants to get through the door, but a baby happens to be in its way.”

But the best one…

“Dog + Baby = YouTube jackpot”

Click through to the next page to see the video!

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How Dog Vaccines Really Work – The Truth

If you are a dog owner you have been told time and time again you must get your dog vaccinated to prevent disease. The question of many dog owners is how do vaccines work to prevent disease from affecting my dog? The reason the act of vaccination is contemplated upon is because a vaccine is actually a strand of the disease. A vaccine uses a modified or dead version of the virus causing disease to allow the immunity to have a natural reaction.

Once the immune system is triggered by the vaccination, the dog’s body begins producing specialty anti-body cells to fight the virus. Once antibodies have been made against the disease, the body will always have them and his body will be ready when the dog is attacked by the real virus.

A dog’s immunity is actually passed to him at the time of birth. After the puppy is born, he begins nursing right away on a milk product known as colostrum. Colostrum is thicker than regular milk and is loaded with immune supporting antibodies. The unique passive of immunity from mother to offspring is known as passive immunity. Although the mother dog may provide the pup with tons of antibody fighting cells, there are some antibodies that may not have been transferred. This is where vaccinations come in, to protect your dog completely.

People have given dog vaccines a bad name due to side effects the vaccine may or may not cause to the dog. Dog owners are easily misguided and should remember that a vaccine is a safe version of a virus. Any virus, vaccine or active, will cause the dogs body to shakeup a little. Think about the last time you had a flu shot.

You may have felt a little nauseous, feverish or sleepy after being administered the shot because the flu shot is a modified version of the influenza virus. As humans, we follow up on our vaccines because we know they will do us good in the long run, and our dogs should be no different. It should be noted that some dogs are allergic to some vaccines which is an exception to the previous statement.

Source: Dasher & Rikku

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This Courageous Pit Bull Dog Saved A Woman From Her Husband In A Fight!

Pit Bull Dogs have a perception in the general public of being vicious, mean and down right scary.  However many people don’t realize that what the public think s and what is reality just don’t match.  In this video a  Pit Bull in Ottawa County named Blitz saved a women from her estranged husband.

Blitz is a 2-year old 100+ pound Pit Bull and is the kind that most people fear, but his family he is very good with the kids and is very loyal to the family and is very keen on what is going on in his surroundings. This love for people and his keen sense is what helped him save a women’s life recently.  The family of Blitz heard a commotion in the street and they saw a man beating up on a women and dragging her to his car.  They opened the door to get a better look and that is when Bliz sprung into action and raced out the door.  Watch the video to find out what Bliz did next!

Pit bulls get a bad rap but in reality, there is story after story of them saving lives.  What do you think about Pit Bulls?  Do you have any stories you can share with us?  If so comment below.  We would love to hear your feedback.

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This Cute Dog Can Dance Salsa – But Is This Right?

A viral video has been going around the net that shows a cute little dog dancing the salsa and boy…is he good!  At first I had to watch real close to see if it was some type of video loop or something.  It’s probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen today…I mean who doesn’t love to see a dog dancing?

But is this right?  I’ve had a few of my friends say that that leash is really short and it almost looks like it is chocking him a bit.  Perhaps it’s just there to help him stay upright longer?

What do you think?  He sure is cute and like I said…can dance a mean salsa.  Comment below and let us know what you think.

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Puppy Argues About Bedtime – Wait Till You See Who Wins!

This little puppy just doesn’t want to go to bed!  In this ADORABLE video you hear this Bulldog pup argue with it’s Mom when she says, “Hey you need to go to bed now!”.  You can almost understand what this little guy is saying.  Of course he is putting up a huge fuss but eventually someone wins!  This video has gone totally viral and has been viewed over 5 million times.  No wonder…he is the cutest little pup ever!

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Source: Youtube