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These Baby Chicks Were Abandoned Until This Mother Dog Adopted Them!


We see our dogs making all kinds of friends! But what this dog did to these little chicks literally made me speechless! When these 10 chicks lost their mother and turned up on the doorsteps of Bailey the dog, the friendly canine simply adopted those orphan chicks! I have never seen a dog adopt baby chickens like this, and the way she showed affection for the little birds can be explained in only two words – TRUE LOVE! Watch the video below to see them together…

Isn’t that simply beautiful! When the orphan chicks found their way to the kind dog, the motherly instinct took over immediately! I find little chicks very adorable, and being a dog owner, finding your dog adopting chicks is a dream come true! But I’m a bit concerned about the little chicks though… being as heavy as the dog, she could accidentally roll up on the chicks while cuddling and could seriously hurt them. You just need to keep an open eye I guess! But their relationship is beautiful nonetheless!

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Video Source: YouTube