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Watch How This Border Collie Dog Teaches The Baby To Play With The Ball… Just So CUTE!


Some parents get rid of their pet dogs as soon as they have babies due to safety concerns. But for those who chose to keep their pets, this video shows you just how friendly a canine friend can be for the baby. Dogs can become very good friends of little babies; they will play with them and even protect them. In this video you will see a little baby – less than a year old, trying to figure out how to play with a ball. And the family Border Collie dog is helping the baby learn how to play with the ball! The result is simply TOO CUTE! Watch the video below…

Border Collie dogs are famous for their Intelligence and Obedience. We have previously shared a video where a Border Collie teaches another baby how to jump using a jolly jumper, and now you see this Border Collie teaching this baby how to play with a ball. Seems, this breed of dogs are truly good at mentoring small children, LoL!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of PetTube

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