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The Reason This Boy Was Standing On His Dog Has Upset Many…But Wait Till You Find Out Why…


The new year of one-time vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin started on a rather controversial note. She posted a photo of her 6 year old son Trig standing on the family dog Jill. The Facebook post was intended to wish everyone a happy new year, but instead got intense criticism from many people who identified the act as animal abuse.  On the NEXT PAGE you can see photos along with the comment that Palin posted that alarmed many.

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This Brave Dog BUSTED The Babysitter – Wait Till You See What She Was Doing!


Dogs can be very protective towards the children of the family they belong to. Nobody knows it better than this South Carolina couple – Benjamin and Hope Jordan. When they hired 21 year old Alexis Khan as their 7 month old boy Finn’s babysitter, they never knew it would be such a big mistake. Parents trust Babysitters with their most precious thing in the world, and on very rare occasions like these, they pick the wrong person to take care of the baby while they are away. But fortunately, the Family dog Killian was there for the Jordan family.

When the baby sitter started to show her dark side, the dog started to become aggressive towards her. It wasn’t hard for the couple to figure out what was going on. Scroll down below to watch the full video of how Killian the dog saved the little boy from abuse and helped catch the babysitter red-handed.

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It’s really disturbing to find out what the baby sitter has been doing for 5 MONTHS to their little baby boy! But at the same time they realize how important the canine member of their family is. If it weren’t for him, they would have never figured out the problem… Finn was just a little baby so he couldn’t have let the parents know of the abuse. So, Killian saved Finn from further abuse. Not only that but also the babysitter has been put in jail and can only apply for a parole after a year; she’s also been registered in the National Child Abuse Registry, so she won’t get a chance to harm any other child… ever again! All thanks to the love that Killian the dog has for his family.

This story just makes me love and respect my dogs even more; they truly are fascinating creatures and our best friends! What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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News Source: YouTube

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The World’s Smallest Dog – Her Incredible Story


Meet Beyoncé, a 3 week old puppy holding the World Record of being the smallest dog EVER! And she is just too cute! It’s just so hard to take your eyes off her! This video footage is from the Anderson Cooper show where Beyoncé was featured and the whole world got the chance to see how adorable a little pup can be! Watch the video below to see the full story of Beyoncé…

Dr. Marty Becker and Beth from Grace Foundation of California brought the 3 week old Mutt Beyoncé to the show… and WOW! She just stole the show! That is just too much cuteness to handle! And when she yawned, the whole studio audience went, “Awwwwwww…”!

It’s a great relief to know that Beyoncé’s mom was rescued by the Grace Foundation; she was actually meant to be subjected to Euthanasia… Thank God she was rescued; otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to find Beyoncé! And thank you Beth for giving a mouth to mouth to Beyoncé in such a critical time… It never ceases to amaze me how good and kind people can be!

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Video Source —  YouTube

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This Dog Attacked a 5 Year Old Girl… You Won’t Believe What Another Dog Did To Save Her Life!


Dogs can be our best friends and this video serves to prove that once again! When 5 year old Romaya Hernandez from Lake Worth, Florida, tried to pet the neighbor’s Labrador mix dog, the dog viciously attacked her for an unknown reason. Romaya was helpless, until their family Pitbull “Trigger” came in for rescue, attacking the dog and killing him to save Romaya. This is a story you don’t want to miss, watch the video below to see how it happened…

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Many people think Pitbull dogs are aggressive and Labradors are famous for their kind and gentle temperament. Surprisingly in this video we see them swap their roles! Well, stereotypes are never a good indicator of character, this incident proves that once again.

Its still unclear why the gentle Labrador dog attacked the girl, what provoked him… But thankfully Romaya is safe now. The budget for the family trip in Disneyland this year is now going to be used for Romaya’s Plastic Surgery. We sure hope this unfortunate incident won’t leave a permanent scar in her mind. But one thing’s for sure, Trigger the family Pitbull dog will forever be Romaya’s Superhero!

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News Source — YouTube

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Golden Retriever Dogs Went Two Days Without Any Food Or Water To Save Their Owners Life!

This video is the story of two Golden Retriever Dogs who saved their owners life with their love. Golden Retrievers are famous for their intelligence and gentle temperament, so they are very popular as play buddies and guard dogs. 76 years old Judy Muhe never knew that her Golden Retrievers would save her life someday until last month. She fell on the kitchen floor and broke her shoulder and bruised her head. She was in a comatose state, could not get up on her own and drifted in and out of consciousness for two days! Her dogs Higgins and Dodger never left her side and kept her warm until she was rescued two days later. Watch the video below for the full story and keep your Kleenex ready, you might need it.

Muhe moved into tears as she recalled that day, “They went for days without food and water. They stayed with me,” Muhe said. “By keeping me warm, and keeping me comfortable, as they could, the main thing was they let me know that I was not alone.”

Her two golden retrievers, 10-year-old Higgins and 4-year-old Dodger tried their best to save their owner. “Dodger kept nuzzling me with his nose and he [the second dog] was laying beside me. I don’t know what I would have done without them,” she said, crying. “I’m sorry. I just love my dogs so much.”

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Someone Posted This Photo To Make Fun Of This Dog… What Happened Next Was So Unexpected!

This video is the story of an unfortunate dog named Pumpkin. She was abandoned in the streets of Houston, trying to survive the harsh world around her. She had chemical burns all over her little body and has been shot with BB Pellet guns. A man saw her and took her picture thinking it was funny and shared it on Instagram!

Such a heartless act was countered when the local dog rescue workers saw the photo and rescued little Pumpkin from the streets. Then she started to go through the most amazing transformation I have ever seen, you really have to see it to believe it! This video story about the miraculous transformation of Pumpkin the dog is just simply AMAZING! Watch it on the next page…

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Neighbors Were Scared Of This Dog Until He Saved A Life – Simply Amazing!

Dog owners know how precious their dogs are. They are our best friends, they look after us, protect us, play with us… and even save us from life threatening dangers. Vietnam War Veteran Billy Collins can surely vouch for that in the video below. His 10 year old Boxer-Pitbull mix pet dog “Chance” with hip dysplasia , saved his life this summer… and the way he did it will AMAZE you! Watch the full video below for the full story…

When Chance saw his master fall down on the floor and started bleeding profusely, he tried waking him up… but Billy was out cold! So, Chance opened the screen door with his paw, and jumped the high chain link fence even though he had hip dysplasia, then started to bark incessantly at the neighbors door. Thankfully, they were there and they knew something was wrong.

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This Stray Dog Followed A Man for 430 Miles And Then Something Amazing Happened!

Meet Arthur, The Stray Dog who has been the focus of worldwide news in the last few weeks and won millions of hearts with his wonderful display of loyalty. The video on the next page tells you the story of how he managed to follow a man through 430 miles of wilderness in the Amazon rain forest!

A Swedish Extreme Sports Team participated on The Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador where the team captain Mikael Lindnord fed this stray dog some meatballs as an act of kindness. But who knew the dog would immediately accept Mikael as his master and start following him everywhere! Through high mountains, long strenuous jungle hikes, through piles of knee-high mud and even through a wild river, the stray dog, now named Arthur, never left his side. The video on the next page tells Arthur’s amazing…

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This Dog Has Been Waiting 2 Years In The Hospital For Her Owner To Get Out…

Masha the Brown Dachshund dog has been waiting in the same hospital in Siberia since her owner died there about two years back. In this video below you will find her still waiting for her owner to come back, and doesn’t want to leave the hospital! Many locals have tried to take her home, but all in vain, because she keeps coming back! This video almost brought tears in my eyes…

I just can’t fathom the overwhelming love this little dog has for her late master. When her master was admitted on a ward in the Novosibirsk District Hospital, Masha was his only visitor. Now that he’s gone, loyal and heart-broken Masha refuses to leave.

Two years, two long years she has been waiting, in the same place, hoping that he’d come back. Masha’s wish is not going to come true of course, but we sure hope she finds another loving and caring owner to look after her.

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Brave Dog Saves His Owner From Burning House – Just Amazing How He Did It!

The video below tells the amazing story of a German Shepherd dog rescuing his owner from imminent danger with his bravery and intelligence. In early 2010, Ben Heinrich was working in his workshop next to his home when he accidentally triggered a gas leak that set the workshop along with his house on fire. He called 911 but he knew that time was of the essence… so he told his German Shepherd dog named Buddy to get help and the dog rushed off.

Miraculously, Buddy found the Dispatched Officer Terrence Shanigan who couldn’t find the location of the burning house as his GPS froze, and led the Alaskan State Trooper through the winding and remote back roads to the fire at his owner’s workshop, saving him with a wonderful display of heroism. This video footage below was recorded from the Officer’s patrol car dashboard camera, which shows exactly how the German Shepherd managed to help… what you’ll see will amaze you.

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